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Take a survey trip

Consider praying about taking a survey trip to Ethiopia.

If you're feeling led to the mission field and you think God is leading you to work in Africa, consider taking a survey trip to Ethiopia. On survey trips you are connected with missionaries to learn more about daily life, cultural aspects, and the spiritual environment of the country. By the grace of God the ministry is growing to the point where we need help. If you are feeling led to the mission field, consider praying about a survey trip to Ethiopia. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by clicking here.


You can read all you want about the religions of a foreign country but until you actually visit and experience it, only then will you have a grasp on the realities of Satan's work in the world. Being a missionary is an immense undertaking but when you visit, you may experience sorrow and compassion for others. When you take a survey trip, you experience all of this. You learn more about the traditions, the importance of religion, and gain a better understanding of the spiritual climate you may be working in.

daily life

On survey trips, you spend time with missionaries who have been there for years. You don't experience a country as a tourist, but you gain an understanding of what life will be like if you move there. You look for potential homes, hospitals, grocery stores, churches, and schools. You live life with your missionary hosts  in their home asking them questions and having them as mentors is foundational to an enlightening trip abroad.



On these trips, you will encounter a plethora of culture that makes the country unique. You learn a little bit of the language, you immerse yourself in the delicacies of local cuisine, and you interact with people at shops, restaurants, and church. You establish friendships and learn more about the country, culture, customs, and values through them. You experience the sights, the sounds, and even the tastes. You have a better grip on what the culture is like and you might just fall in love with the country.


There are over 112 million people living in Ethiopia, making it the second-most populous nation in Africa


Over 64% of the population adhere to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church 


Roughly 18% are Evangelical or Protestant Christians.


Dwayne Wright

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