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Our Land Project

We have the opportunity to make a big impact in our community - for generations to come.

Hello Pastors, Friends and Family,

As many of you know our church here in Ethiopia has been praying for over six years for property to call home. We have come across some property near to where we currently meet for a reasonable price. Because of your generosity and the savings of Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Bishoftu, Ethiopia we have been able to save $200,000 USD with $20,000 committed. This property is 6,000 sq. meters with three buildings currently on the property. Two of the buildings would cost nearly $150,000 each to build. This land and buildings would give us a great foundation for generations to come. The owner was asking $350,000, but we have negotiated him down to $310,000. This property will double in value in the next couple years with a new road coming in near it that connects to the Capitol. Many of you have given so much already and we can’t thank you enough. Would you pray and present this need to see what the Lord may do. Please enjoy this quick video to help you see the opportunity that lays ahead.  


Thank you.

- Dwayne & Tammy Wright 

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With three existing buildings and a large plot of green space, the possibilities of ministry and outreach are seemingly endless. We already can imagine soccer camps, feeding centers, after-school programs, or whatever the Lord sees fit. 


The property is valued at around $350,000 USD. However, we have been able to negotiate with the owner to lower his price to $310,000.


The location is prime. It is near to our current church building and school. It's located in the same community we have been ministering to for the last six years.


Would you pray and present this need to see what the Lord may do? You can always reach out with any questions you may have.

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