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Sports Outreach

Our sports ministry began with the goal of impacting the community through a common love - sports. What started out as a simple 5 v 5 game quickly turned into a full match. The little after-school hangout grew exponentially with over 100 regular attendees before Covid. Students would look forward to Friday night "Football" matches and afterwards would hear a devotional and encouragement to attend our church. 

Our sports ministry focuses on three principles:
Building community, fostering a spiritual environment, and creating fun opportunities. 

FC Bethel

FC Bethel, an outreach of Bethel Bible Baptist Church, is a club that started out as a small organization with about ten kids total. FC Bethel was originally founded by Caleb and Josh playing soccer with their friends. Because soccer and sports is such a major part of young Ethiopians’ lives, the club grew exponentially. The club currently has over 100 kids playing! The club plays on our field which is rough by most standards and after each night, the kids will hear a devotional led by Dwayne or another local missionary. If you would like to support the club by providing supplies and equipment, Click Here!

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