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In the midst of this global pandemic, COVID-19 has taken roots in Ethiopia in the last month. This is especially detrimental to the people given their culture and love for togetherness. As of November 21, there have been nearly 105,000 confirmed cases and the numbers keep rising. Situations have grown volatile and the future for missions is unpredictable. We know that times are tough and the future is uncertain and we are not asking you for money, simply that you would pray alongside the Wright's for the country and the people they love dearly. Pray that the country will open its doors soon for missionaries to travel back and minister. Pray that the Coronavirus won't have a devastating effect on the economy. Pray that hearts will be open and the ministries thrive in this time of uncertainty. We know that times are hard, but we know our God is greater.


Help provide relief

face masks

hand sanitizer

cleaning supplies


What You Can Do

Because of Ethiopia's culture and strong emphasis on family and loved ones, this virus poses a significant threat to the people there. Many have no choice but to live within close proximity of one another and many have no way to purchase the essential items that we take for granted like face masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and gloves. If you feel led to give and make an impact in Ethiopians' lives, click here. Every dollar helps, regardless of the amount.

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