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Ethiopian Orthodoxy

In Ethiopia, nearly 67% of the people belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Following the Eastern Orthodox traditions, there are many similarities between the two.


Ethiopians have a strong reverence for religion. Regardless of denomination or religious beliefs. Ethiopia's two largest holidays happen in January and September. In January, there is the celebration of Timket, which celebrates Jesus' baptism in the Jordan


Ancient Churches

This famous church, the Lalibela Church, was carved out of a single piece of granite as early as the 1200's! Legend has it that King Lalibela, upon returning from Jerusalem before their fall to Islam, desired that Ethiopia would be the new home for Christianity.

Ties to King Solomon

The Queen of Sheba's area of governance covered much of modern-day Ethiopia. Legend says that when she visited Jerusalem and met with Solomon, they had a child named Menelik. Solomon would send the Queen and Menelik back to Ethiopia with gold, treasures, and the Ark of the Covenant. Menelik would become Ethiopia's first kings and the dynasty would last all the way to Haile Selassie until the 1970's. 

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Ethiopia is home to nearly 300 different languages. Many of which are local tribal dialects, but their national language is Amharic. Their alphabet has almost 300 characters and is part of the same language tree as Hebrew and Arabic.